Fritz & joy

Fritz is professional Latin dance instructor from the Philippines with more than 15 years of dancing experience. He arrived in Beijing in 2004, and has been teaching in various professional clubs and studios. In addition, Fritz organized the most prestigious Latin Night Party in Beijing at Suzie Wong Club”. 2005 TO 2011

Fritz and Joy is the only foreign couple dancer in Beijing who can teach and perform both Latin Ballroom and Latin Salsa Dance. They are generous with their time and teach students to dance to the best of their ability. They have a friendly personality, which has earned them a lasting reputation among dancers in Beijing. They have been teaching in a different Dance studios namely Sunny Ray Dance Studio, BJ DanceLife, and at Latinize Club They are very passionate teacher ,stage performer, and a true star!


- 1st runner up The sixth Asia & Europe Yuan Dong Ballroom Dancing Championships& ADC ,AL Asian Dance Open 2011 -1st runner up Salsa Competition Beijing Salsa Congress 2008
- Choreographer for the winner of the Beijing International Salsa Congress/Competition in August 2007
- Beijing Salsa Congress Performance 2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,2012
- Hong Kong Salsa Congress Performance 2006 and 2009
- Competed in 2006 World Salsa Championship Las Vegas, Nevada - Invited as guest performer in Guam Dec.2006
- Champion of "Olympic Cup" Ballroom Dancing in Beijing 2005
- Champion of "Romance Cup" Ballroom Dancing in Beijing 2006
- Runner-up of "Golden Leaf Cup" National Open Ballroom Dancing in Zhengzhou, Henan 2006
- Runner-up of "Dancing Heaven Cup" National Open Competition in Beijing 2006

Serge & Polina

Polina & Serge have been working together since 2001.
They started their career in Gloria ballroom dance studio, Russia. Then they continued their advancement at Expromt modern dance school (Russia), combining their dancing practice and participation in various dance contests with college studies. Later they joined notorious Russian Show Ballet Todes. After Serge and Polina continued learned dance techniques from top world instructors.
In 2006 Ambrosia made their debut on the Asian dance scene “and have since become some of the most sought dancers in China”, Jack Dunn. They became famous not only as performers but also as choreographers-directors of many dance shows and TV projects. Ambrosia has performed in more than 80 cities in continental China, Macao, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Mongolia, India, Taiwan, Australia, USA …. and has become a welcome guest of big events around the world.

Some big events during living in China:

2003 – 2005 As a part of different dance crews they became winners of many modern dance competitions.
2008 winner of dance TV show in China.
2009 Winners of 4th Annual China Salsa Championship.
2009 Top 10 in the Latin World Dance championship in USA.
Since 2008 International Master classes around Asia (as a part of international dance competitions and festivals).
2010 Winners of Open Asian Pacific Dance Championship in Hong Kong.
2011 International Tour for Chanel Fine Jewelry collection.
2010 – 2011 Choreographers of opening ceremony dance shows Men of the Year, BAZAAR.
2011 Judges for dance competitions in China, Singapore and India.
2012 Shows and workshops on biggest dance festival in Sydney Australia.
2012 Choreographers and dancers in show-ballet Flexx 5 for world concert tour with new show “Images”


Professional dance instructor , a good dancer , graduated from the China Opera and Dance Academy dance performances professional . Learn dance since childhood , with a solid grounding in dance , has many years of teaching experience and a wealth of stage presence . Main belly dance , proficient in international fashion style belly dance , following a number of internationally renowned belly dancer Jillina , Soniya , Moria , Raya , Ansuya professional learning , is the world's top belly dancers Ansuya honor disciples , and went to Egypt exchange of learning , and Egypt belly Dance exchange Association Certified Instructor . Specializes in classical dance, ballet , jazz dance , pole dancing , salsa , salsa in and national ethnic folk dance Grading Test Center Children's Grading teachers , many times as CCTV and Beijing TV choreographer , CCTV , Beijing TV Station , Shenzhen TV , Heilongjiang TV , dance performances and cooperation .

2006 Dancers Association registered teachers
Open the first of the 2006 Beijing belly dance
2007 Asian International Belly Dance Competition Gold Medal
2007 Korea Fitness Association of Jazz dance beautiful Presentation Award
First place in the National Belly Dance Competition 2008 Bodybuilding Association
Group first prize of the 2008 Hong Kong Dance Competition
Park Hyatt Beijing employees in 2008 as the Mid-Autumn evening choreography and performances
The first stop of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in China to celebrate the Sanya Phoenix Island , as guest performers in internal celebration meeting
Park Hyatt Beijing in 2009 as New Year's employee orientation and summarize evening choreography work and guest performers
The 2009 Fourth salsa Assembly qualifiers Ms. solo dance and modern dance
Become the world dancer jazz registered mentor in 2009
Longtime Baxi ice cream 2009 annual meeting of the choreography
2010 World Belly Dance Association hailed as one of Asia 's best belly dancers
Performances Egyptian Embassy in Beijing in 2010
Sanya Phoenix Island Group annual meeting in 2011 as choreography and performances


Dance Academy, graduated from the Central University for Nationalities , Chinese Folk Dance Education undergraduate degree in dance education and dance training industry for ten years , the industry experienced dance teacher . Has a solid foundation of professional dance and dance teaching experience , have compiled the guide , play dance quality of teaching in dance , ballet teaching , the teaching of popular dance , Latin dance teaching areas have very good results , now worked IDSA world DanceSport Association Deputy Secretary-General of the China headquarters , Cuba , United States , Venezuela , France , South Korea and several other foreign coaches who have received systematic training , at home and abroad participated in many competitions and various forms of Latin dance performances performances , there is a wealth of dance teaching and performing experience , training a large number of students , as well as a dance instructor !


Having spent the last 6 years living in four Chinese cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, half Chinese Canadian native Ashleigh Au has had the honor and pleasure of social dancing, teaching, DJing and MCing at various salsa related events in China including, Summer Salsa Festival (Beijing), China Salsa Congress (Guangzhou), Cubamemucho (Shanghai) and Salsamemucho (Shanghai). It has been her greatest pleasure to continue to share her passion for Latin dance and music in China.

A graduate of performing arts school in Toronto, Canada, Ashleigh became a professional hip-hop dancer as a teenager appearing in music videos and television series such as "Save the Last Dance" for TV and the feature film "Honey". She discovered Latin dance while studying Spanish and traditional Cuban dance in Havana, Cuba in 2002 and went on to join Los Salsomanos Dance Company under the direction of Colombian Dancer and DJ Giovanni Torres. With Los Salsomanos, and as an instructor at Steps Dance Studio, organizer of the Canada Salsa Congress, Ashleigh has since trained, taught and performed in New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and across Canada.

Ashleigh has over 15 years of experience teaching dance to students of all ages, and has taught genres of dance including hip-hop, reggaeton, salsa on-1 and on-2, cha-cha-cha, merengue and bachata.


National level teachers and the referee, in DanceSport professional years, since 2006 in major clubs and dance training center, school substitute, with a wealth of teaching and performing experience, had also participated in the various types of ballroom dancing contest in the country and even in Asia,and get excellent results.
Now studying at Beijing Sports University Art Department DanceSport performing professional, some time ago, and to participate in the the third central state organs Games opening ceremony aerobics performances and the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade in the founding of New China on October 1, 2009, by BSU 676 students formed a large collective dance performance "youth".


Yunnan fifth college students in 2009 National DanceSport Championships ", was the second professional institutions group of college students.
"Sunshine Sports 2010 inaugural Beijing students DanceSport Championships", was the third of the youth group A, A-level Latin.
In 2010, the sixth Chinese students DanceSport Championships cum CDSA first All-Star Dance Sport Competition ", was the first Latin A group of college students professional institutions.
, Was the first Latin DanceSport Group B in the 2010 National Sports Academy of Physical Dance Championships.
Beijing Third Sports Conference 2011 DanceSport Competition, of the DanceSport Youth group A, first place; A group of Latin dance, second.
In 2011 the Ninth National Youth Sports Dance Championship Youth Group A, Class B of the first Latin.
A Group B Latin DanceSport Championships 2011 Chinese students "by college students professional institutions, the first.
By the Latin first place of Group A in the 2012 Beijing Fourth Sports Conference DanceSport Championships in group A Rising Star Latin first.

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