Fritz & joy

Fritz is professional Latin dance instructor from the Philippines with more than 15 years of dancing experience. He arrived in Beijing in 2004, and has been teaching in various professional clubs and studios. In addition, Fritz organized the most prestigious Latin Night Party in Beijing at Suzie Wong Club”. 2005 TO 2011

Fritz and Joy is the only foreign couple dancer in Beijing who can teach and perform both Latin Ballroom and Latin Salsa Dance. They are generous with their time and teach students to dance to the best of their ability. They have a friendly personality, which has earned them a lasting reputation among dancers in Beijing. They have been teaching in a different Dance studios namely Sunny Ray Dance Studio, BJ DanceLife, and at Latinize Club They are very passionate teacher ,stage performer, and a true star!


- 1st runner up The sixth Asia & Europe Yuan Dong Ballroom Dancing Championships& ADC ,AL Asian Dance Open 2011 -1st runner up Salsa Competition Beijing Salsa Congress 2008
- Choreographer for the winner of the Beijing International Salsa Congress/Competition in August 2007
- Beijing Salsa Congress Performance 2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,2012
- Hong Kong Salsa Congress Performance 2006 and 2009
- Competed in 2006 World Salsa Championship Las Vegas, Nevada - Invited as guest performer in Guam Dec.2006
- Champion of "Olympic Cup" Ballroom Dancing in Beijing 2005
- Champion of "Romance Cup" Ballroom Dancing in Beijing 2006
- Runner-up of "Golden Leaf Cup" National Open Ballroom Dancing in Zhengzhou, Henan 2006
- Runner-up of "Dancing Heaven Cup" National Open Competition in Beijing 2006



1. 2005年8月 参加中国北京第一届SALSA节,做表演嘉宾

2. 2006年5月 参加第二届舞燃情杯中国国标舞邀请赛风情拉丁舞组冠军

3. 2006年6月 参加中国北京第二届SALSA节比赛,表演

4. 2006年7月 赴韩国首尔参加韩国最高水平SALSA CONGRESS大奖赛

5. 2006年8月 参加第二届世界SALSA大奖赛中国区预选赛

6. 2006年11月 参加第一届中国SALSA CONGRESS

7. 2007年8月 参加CCTV中国长城SALSA舞大奖赛

8. 2008年10月 参加第三届中国北京世界SALSA舞大奖赛做表演嘉宾

9 2011年2月 赴香港参加亚太SALSA节 获得亚洲区第一名

10 2011年11月 赴天津参加首届体育舞蹈世界巨星赛salsa舞职业组第一名

11 2012年3月 赴香港参加第十一届香港salsa节获得BACHATA专业组世界前六名

12 2014年10月 第八届北京体育国标舞蹈世界锦标赛冠军

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